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Children’s Product Certificates

Per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, manufacturers and importers of children’s products must certify, in a written Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) based on test results from a CPSC-accepted laboratory, that their children’s products comply with applicable children’s product safety rules.

Please find homestyles CPC documents below:

Naples Bunk Bed 5530-56D


Naples Bunk Bed 5530-56


Naples Bunk Bed 5530-55D - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019


Naples Bunk Bed 5530-55 - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019

Naples Bunk Bed 5530-55 - CPC 5530,5533-54,55 Nov2020-Oct2021


Naples Bunk Bed 5530-54 - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019

Naples Bunk Bed 5530-54 - CPC 5530,5533-54,55 Nov2020-Oct2021


Venice Bunk Bed 5533-56D


Venice Bunk Bed 5533-56

Venice Bunk Bed 5533-55D - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019


Venice Bunk Bed 5533-55 - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019

Venice Bunk Bed 5533-55 - CPC 5530,5533-54,55 Nov2020-Oct2021


Venice Bunk Bed 5533-54 - CPC 55305533-545556 Sept2018-Aug2019

Venice Bunk Bed 5533-54 - CPC 5530,5533-54,55  Nov2020-Oct2021


Aspen Bunk Bed 5520-56  CPC5520-56 Mar2020-Feb2021

Aspen Bunk Bed 5520-56D  CPC5520-56 Mar2020-Feb2021